My First Chanel!

  1. Hello Chanel TPFers!

    I've been a long time lurker on this forum and usually post in the Bbag section but have been lemming a GST since last year and went on a BIG search for her.

    I've never seen a GST IRL before so i wanted to try it on and get a perspective of size and whether it would suit me before i bought it sight unseen and therefore got my mom to check all chanel boutiques when she went overseas! Unfortunately, all boutiques she went to only had the GST in gold hardware and i was disheartened as i only wanted silver so i got onto the waitlist in Chanel Singapore for one with silver hardware and they never got back to me. By now, i already knew that the GST was the perfect bag for schlepping about everywhere but had more or less given up hope on finding one with silver but who knew...
  2. I went on a trip to Taipei with my family in February and happened to pass by Chanel in Sogo Fuxing and thought to go in to have a look since they had a gold GST on was my first time touching and seeing one IRL and i tried on the gold, loved the size and asked if they had a silver. They had none in store but i asked for them to check nationally if they had one in stock.

    The SA came back and informed me they had one in stock in Kaohsiung and would have to check if it was reserved or they could bring it in *bated breath*

    And it wasn't reserved!!!! So i got it the next day and oh man! I love it!!!! It's the new washed caviar too! An added bonus!
  3. [​IMG]
  4. [​IMG]
  5. And there she is in all her full glory after a long wait to find her! She's perfect in all ways and not stiff like the classic caviar leather which i really love!!!

    Sorry for the long post but i really am in love! :heart::heart::love::heart::heart:
  6. WOW you took great pictures... I haven't seen a GST look so good!!
  7. aww ninjai! that's what you've been busy with!

    congratulations dear :smile: modeling pictures please??
  8. Congrats again babe... SO GORGEOUS! Love your nails too!! So what's the next Chanel to be? :p
  9. Congratulations! I get so excited when fellow tpfers get what they really love...... :yahoo:
    Love the's gorgeous!!!
  10. Congrats, ninjaiphile! So happy that you managed to find your HG. I'm sure you will not stop at one.

    And your fingers are not too bad either. :flowers:
  11. Thanks luvhautecouture, Pluiee, jo_ee, bagmad73 and Queenie for your comments!!

    Pluiee: NO OK!!! Sorry we didn't get to meet this time..perhaps next year when i go back again! :p

    Jo_ee: No next purchase for the whole of this year i think...=( when's yours???

    Forgot to credit fingers: Chanel Noir Ceramic..i think its no. 37 from memory..:smile:
  12. cute!
  13. Oooh! GOOD choice! She's so pretty! Congrats.
  14. Congratulations!! Love the matching nail polish!