My first Chanel

  1. Hi everyone, just bought my first denim Chanel bag. Love this style and very tempted to get it in Black leather also, if they do it in plain black leather. I have seen the Black patent one but think I would prefer normal leather.

    This denim bag got a little creased while being sent to me, any ideas on how to get the creases out???? will they just drop out. At the moment I have it stuff full of tissue to try and get rid of them. Any ideas greatly appreciated.
    139_3958.JPG 139_3959.JPG 139_3961.JPG 139_3954.JPG 139_3957.JPG
  2. love it, congrats!!
  3. I think stuffing it is the way to go. But here are two other thoughts if you're daring: Since it's cotton, I wonder if you could hang it stuffed in your bathroom and take a steam shower. It gets the wrinkles out of other things...just a thought. If there's any reason to think this would harm your bag, please don't do it. I would suggest ironing it too if you are good at that. I would never suggest this for leather, but I would think that since it's denim it would work....just a thought

    BTW, your bag is gorgeous! I know it came in metallic black leather but haven't seen one in matte black leather before.
  4. Hot bag~! Congrats!
  5. Thank you echo - thats great advice.

    I got this bag because I thought it would be ideal for taking all my stuff in for round the pool area on my holiday.
  6. Congrats and welcome to the world of Chanel!!!

  7. congrats on your 1st Chanel :yahoo: I've never seen this baby before, love unique chanels :heart;
  8. Cute bag....Enjoy your new chanel....
  9. That's a cool bag. Def a casual one. You don't see too many denim Chanels. My suggestion would just be to just stuff it and let it set for a couple days, and it should go away, I mean, it's denim, it'll come out. Congrats on your new baby!
  10. lovely, congrats! love the details!
  11. Congrats!!!!! You finally came over to the dark side from Fendi and took the plunge on a Chanel! She's beautiful!!! I know rockerchic is selling her fab black patent leather one! It's soo yummy!
  12. Thanks everyone glad you like it, I saw the patent one and it is stunning but would love one in normal leather. I did see a stunning one on the Hills the other day, (I know I am a sorry person for watching, this was quite large, it was quilted and had the big C in the middle, with leather handles, it look like a tote of some sort, sorry not up on Chanel at the way Lauren was carrying it .
  13. ^I think you probably saw the medallion tote. It's a great bag! Lauren seems to carry it EVERYWHERE! Props to her for enjoying what she's got. I wish I could be so content and loyal to one bag (so does my wallet!).
  14. This one? Sorry I couldn't minimize it from the post I borrowed it from
  15. congrats!