My first chanel

  1. Hello Everyone, am a baghag but new to Chanel. This was my first purchase yesterday the Patent Classic Jumbo with flap. I love the bag but don't know if it was a good purchase.:s Can I adjust the strap? Pardon my innocence.

  2. OMG..beautiful!

    Congrats!!!! :flowers:

    Ps. my SA said the chain can be adjusted...such as tied a bow at the chain to make it shorter.

  3. It is so gorgeous:love:! Any modeling pics:yes:?
  4. Beautiful! A great intro to Chanel!
  5. Welcome to Chanel. Great choice!!!
  6. Gorgeous! Congrats! Yes, the chain can be tied at the end to adjust the length, as mentioned. That's what my SA told me, too!
  7. Stunning!!!
  8. ooooh it's gorgeous!
  9. Pretty, congratz!!! Love patent leather!!! Yes please modeling pics...
  10. gorgeous! and what an eye-catching number for your first chanel! congrats!
  11. i love it. its gorgeous.
  12. nice bag, missy!
  13. Absolutely gorgeous!! I think that is a beautiful purse!
  14. Are you kidding? That is a FANTASTIC first Chanel, especially since the price of the Jumbo keeps skyrocketing!!! More pictures please!
  15. Congrats!

    Beautiful!!! :tup: