My first Chanel.....

  1. I am the very happy owner of my first chanel bag... a vintage black crocodile bag from eBay... thanks to those who helped me authenticate it last week.

    I love vintage bags, and this might just be the ultimate vintage bag as far as I'm concerned. :yahoo:
    chanel 003.JPG chanel 004.JPG
  2. Congrats on your first chanel.
  3. your bag is gorgeous! Congrats!
  4. Holy! That croc is beautiful...what a wonderful find.
  5. Very beautiful, congrats! And I also love vintage Chanels :tup:
  6. Great looking bag. Congratulations!!! Love the Croc.
  7. Congratulations, It is beautfiul:tender:
  8. I'm becoming more and more interested in vintage Chanel too. Congrats, she's gorgeous! :smile:
  9. Just stunningly beautiful. Congratulations!
  10. Beautiful! Congrats!
  11. wow! it's gorgeous! :love:
  12. what a beautiful find! super first Chanel bag, may it have many siblings before too long ;) congrats!
  13. ooooooh i just LUV croc. great find!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hooray!!!!!!
  14. LOVE IT!!! Congrats!!!
  15. Wow! What a great first Chanel. She's a beauty!