My first Chanel!

  1. Hi all! I am happy to show you my very first (and I have a feeling not my last!) Chanel flap bag! It is a classic flap with MM lock in black distressed calfskin. I love it so much! What sold me on this bag was the mademoiselle lock and the shorter chain.

    It measures 12" x 8" x 3". Is it a large? 227? No similar numbers appear anywhere in the serial #.

    I paid a whopping $2695 for it, but it is worth every penny!

    Arghh! I can't get my pic to upload so I borrowed twinklettes pic. My bag looks similar but is larger than hers.

  2. It's gorgeous!!! :drool:

    CONGRATULATIONS! It's an excellent choice for a first Chanel!
  3. gorgeous!congrats!
  4. Very pretty, congrats!
  5. I can't see the pictures, but congrats on your first Chanel.
  6. Congrats on your 1st Chanel, great choice. Enjoy. =)
  7. Thanks all! But now I need advice.... I just realized the caviar jumbo flap is over $400 less than this bag. I like the caviar, too, and am wondering if I should exchange. Major differences between the two bags are the lock (MM on calfskin vs CC lock - is that what it is called? on the caviar), and chain length. Calfskin chain is shorter.

    The pic is gone but my bag is the distressed calfskin in black w/MM lock.
  8. I personally like the distressed calfskin a bit more, but they are both beautiful classic bags. If they were both sitting in front of you which one would you pick based on your first instinct. Go with your first instinct. If its a tie - save the $ and go with the cheaper bag.
  9. I wasn't able to see the picture of the one you have, but if you like the one you already have more then I would keep it. With the impending price increase in September, who knows which bags will be going up. I'd get it while you can. You'll kick yourself if you end up wanting it back later and it's gone up too much.
  10. [​IMG]

    Did you get this one?
    I agree with Clandy, both bags are gorgeous, so go with your first instinct, youll look pretty with either bag.
  11. congrats!
  12. Congrats on your first chanel.Wasn't able to see pictures though.
  13. I'm I the only one who can't see the pic? :confused1:
  14. I can't see the photos.. Huhu..
  15. :sad: i can't see it too..