My first Chanel.

  1. I have been almost exclusively a LV kinda girl but I just couldn't pass up this beauty. Its my first Chanel and won't be my last.

  2. congratulations :yahoo:
  3. Classic, this bag will be in style forever. Great choice!
  4. I've always loved this one. Enjoy it....
  5. Congrats on your 1st Chanel bag. =)
  6. Very nice, congrats on your first Chanel purchase! I'm sure it will be very addicting!:graucho:
  7. Wow, great piece to start. Congratulations.
  8. Beautiful!! and sooo classic!
  9. Congrats- she is very pretty
  10. OMG!! I LOVE that!! :drool: Post a modeling pic if you get a chance!!!! Where did you get it!? Congrats on your first baby!!!
  11. I've always like the contrasting white stitching on this bag. Congratulations.:smile:
  12. Pretty! Love the stitching! CONGRATS!
  13. Very pretty.. congrats.. I have also always been an LV girl and received my first Chanel a few months ago.. welcome to the club :smile:
  14. yay another chanel convert :smile:
  15. Great first choice. Congrats!