My First Chanel...yay Me!

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I just bought a very first one...I've always been a Dior fan, but after this site I fell in love wit the chanel 2.55...check it out here, I got it on ebay...I will post my actual pictures as soon as it comes in! IT'S AUTHENTIC RIGHT!!?? I didn't pay her yet because I needed some more specifics, but she was going to a doctors appointment...
  2. It looks good.
  3. Looks good to me too...I'm not an expert though. Maybe some other members might be able to tell you for sure.
  4. It should be authentic ... his_angel purchased her reissue 2.55 from this seller as well.
  5. hey i'm with u about dior, but i also want to buy a chanel bag as well, not sure on which one now: reporter, tote or now that i see 2.55...:P
  6. ^^^^ hehe ya....I think my next purchase will be the tote, but I can't seem to find one with silver is beautiful too, but a bit more mature for me (I'm 22)...but let me know if you end up getting the bags lol :P
  7. I just sent payment, so it should be on its way sooooooooooon...can't wait....I'll definately post pics for you ladies to seee... :amuse:
  8. Just be sure to get the bag authenticated. I didn't like that the seller would not take additional pics when asked to (a question was posted in the auction by a possible buyer.) But the bag pictured did look authentic.
  9. Don't worry.. it looks real.
  10. i thought the re-issue 2.55 was a worndistressed leather??
  11. It looks good! Remember to post pics when u get it =)
  12. That's a buutiful bag :biggrin: Congrats!!!
  13. Hiya,

    I spent months studying 2.55's so I could get an authentic one from e-Bay - I did eventually find The One ;) (will post pic when I get my camera working) and this looks real to me, there are quite a few things I know to look out for but I didn't spot any "issues" with this bag.

    The leather looks just like a 2.55 in pink I was casually looking at (alright, drooling and slobbering all over!) in Chanel's dept in Selfridges (I'm in London England) - the texture and quilting is identical to that one and believe me, I looked at it for a LONG time!;)

    Well done, hope it's as fab in the flesh (so to speak) and hope you enjoy it!:biggrin:

  14. ^^^^ thank you guys are great...I felt a bit nervous after I clicked the "pay" button in paypal...just because you never know...but I feel more reassured now thanks to you guys.....I LOVE PURSE FORUM!! even though my bf makes fun of me almost everyday now because I am little obsessed and he thinks its soooooooo funny
  15. nice....congrats..
    buy more please :smile:
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