my first chanel....what will it be?

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  1. Hello!

    my wonderful husband offered to get me a chanel handbag for my 30th and now I will be purchasing my first one in just two weeks!

    I keep looking and I just have no idea what to get..I would like a light beige cavier or patent and first of all I didn't want a flap style but now I think i 100% do. I was very keen on the classic shopping tote to start with.

    The problem is there is no chanel store near us so I will have to deciede in the store on holiday. And we are only going to be going to the store the once (its 4 hr round trip from the hotel). Now I am worried I am going to panic, i get this funny feeling whenever I go into these handbag stores and feel a bit dizzy hahahahaaa..

    Any tips, my husband thinks I will just find one I like in there, and should get it! Gosh I hope he doesn't check the credit card bill for awhile!!
  2. sorry just to add, also know I would like gold hardware, and the chain with leather in as well! oh and the cc lock not the Mademoiselle lock.

    any suggestions welcome
  3. Seems like you already have your eye on the beige Caviar or Patent with gold hardware :smile:
    I'm deathly afraid of transfer stains on light patent bags. I think the beige Caviar would be lovely since you like the color already. I would just try and find out if they have one in stock before you arrive since you are very short on time when you get there. Maybe even pay for it in advance for pick up when you arrive. If you don't like the beige when you arrive, then you can just exchange it for a color that you do like while you're there. It would be awful if you get there and they are all sold out of the color that you have your heart set on.

    Your husband is very sweet :smile: and Have a Happy Birthday!
  4. Thanks!! i just don't know what size or style I would like, it just has a flap and all the other bits so far!

    yes fab hubby, although slightly worried he doesn't know excately how much they cost!
  5. Yes, your husband is a sweetie! Happy birthday in advance! :yahoo: