My FIRST Chanel Wallet .... PICS!

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  1. This is my new Chanel wallet purchased yesterday at Bloomingdales in NYC. The price of the wallet came out to about $340 including tax and the nail polish (pink satin) came out to approximately $15. I actually got a deal on the wallet because there was a little scratch and the SA was willing to take 10% off. The original price is $545.
    cwallet.JPG cinterior.JPG cinside.JPG
  2. awesome! Congrats on a great buy!
  3. nice discount, and nice of them to even offer!

    that wallet is classic.
  4. That's a nice wallet, I love the look of the quilting too. And how cool that you got 10% off? It sweetens the deal!!!!
  5. wow, i love this wallet, especially for under $400.
  6. Love it and good deal as well! :smile:
  7. What a gorgeous wallet! I've been wanting a wallet like that for a while. Congrats!
  8. beautiful wallet
    enjoy it
  9. :flowers: Congrats~ Very nice!!!
  10. Great, congrats!
  11. beautiful wallet....congrats!
  12. congrats!!
  13. Gorgeous wallet! Congrats. =)
  14. Congrats!!!!!
  15. cute!congrats!