My first chanel today~!

  1. Hi everyone,
    i've finally gotten a classic flap that i have been yeeeaaarning for! my boyfriend bought me the jumbo caviar in black :yahoo: although the white caviar was freakin gorgeous, i would dirty it in days!! as a newbie chanel owner, i need some pointers.. is there a special way to store the bag? like, will the straps get bent out of shape from storage? also, when you adjust the length of the straps.. will the gold hardware scratch itself against the rings on the flap of the bag?? thankssss so much for the help guys!
  2. no words of advice for you.. im still awaiting my first chanel. i just wanted to say congratulations though!
  3. Congratulations from another person waiting for her first Chanel. (A jumbo caviar in black too!)
  4. Congratulations.
  5. thanks shopafrolic, nwpurselover, and theglamorous!! i'm too lazy to post pics now, but will do tomorrow. hope to see pics of all of your bags soon.
  6. I have several Chanel bags, but just got my first Jumbo White Caviar Flap yesterday. Have no answers to your questions, but the others will be along shortly to give advice.
    Congrats on your first Chanel!!!!
  7. Congrats!! I'm currently awaiting my first Chanel as well :love:
  8. Congratulations on your first Chanel. You might find that one is not enough ;)
  9. Caviar pretty much maintains itself! It is sooo durable! I'm not sure about the scratching? Mine seems to be ok. I just fold the chain up in the bag when I store mine.
    Congrats and what a sweet BF!
  10. Congrats on the new bag! Can't wait to see pics.
  11. There's no special way to store the bag but I would definitely recommend storing the straps inside the bag whe you're not using it because with enough pressure, the chains can leave an imprint on the exterior.

    Also when adjusting the straps, it shouldnt scratch the gold rings.

    hope this helps and congrats on your first Chanel!!
  12. Oooh... those are great tips, Jen! I need to do that!

    Sweet-pees, Congrats! What a great bag to start your Chanel collection with!
  13. congrats hun. I would store the straps in the bag too while I put it in the box. just like what jen said!
  14. actually, I think eventually, small scratches will happen just like with the turnlock CCs, but I don't think one should worry about it, where would the enjoyment be then?

    But definitely agree that the straps can cause a very visible and ugly indent if not careful with storage.

    If you're reaaaaally particular, you may even want to wrap soft cloth over each individual strap before placing inside the bag and place another soft cloth across the magnet snap to prevent scratches too. (no suggestions for the rings unless you want to carry it out with sponges in between :graucho: ), and to keep the shape, place sponge stuffing inside the bag as well before storing in dust bag then placing in box maybe with a dessicant pack ....

    *phew* but with so much trouble, I'd rather not use it .. I personally throw mine around but love it more as it ages and depreciates because I know it has been worth every buck.
  15. wow, thanks for all the great tips! i was actually wondering whether or not the chains will indent the bag, but my bf insisted that something luke that wouldnt happen to a 1000 dollar purse.. i'm glad i asked! as for the turnlock cc's, they seemed scratched even as brand new... oh well, i still love my baby.