My First Chanel tips & tricks

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  1. Hi all!

    I've been saving for so long and I was finally able purchase my first Chanel bag! It's the aged calfskin chevron quilted 226 in So Black and I am OBSESSED! Went in thinking I'd get the classic flap but then she brought out this reissue and I got some serious butterflies! That's when I knew!

    Wondering if anyone has any tips/tricks for how to care for this bag. I heard it's comparable to the caviar leather which is great! Do you think this will be able to stand up to every day use or would you recommend only using it occasionally? How would you suggest preventing scratches on the interior leather?

    Any and all tips to help my bag last a lifetime is greatly appreciated!!
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  2. Congratulations on your first Chanel.

    To answer some of your questions based on my own reissue bags:
    1) you don’t need to baby the bag too much, enjoy it but don’t abuse it.
    2) yes, aged calf skin is relatively carefree, doesn’t scratch easily but keep in mind it’s still leather.. General rule with leather is to avoid water— so avoid rain or snow.
    3) I don’t use reissue as a daily bag... simple, use daily = gets old quickly. I know for expensive purchases, the “cost per wear” argument may help to justify the price tag... just know that in 5 years time, you may have to buy another bag because this one started to look old.
    4) You can’t really prevent scratches on the interior, as we all have nails, and we need to put our hands in the bag to get stuff.. Over a period of time, it’s bound to happen (I play the piano so I have super short nails, still made scratches).— You can’t wear cotton/silk gloves forever.
    5) Make sure you control the humidity level in your closet.

    Last a Lifetime: Bags are the same as shoes to me, if you don’t wear them, they stayed shiny and beautiful in your closet for decades. If you started to wear them, they show some signs of wear very quickly. Just do whatever suits your lifestyle and budget.
  3. So my husband bought me my first Chanel flap last May 4, 2019 while we’re vacationing in Rome. Fast forward to May 14, I am finally back home in the Philippines and just unboxed my bag only to find a minor but noticeable scratch inside the bag which I totally did not notice while buying. It was a new stock since I noticed that the hardware still had those protective stickers on them. Anyway, I failed to check thoroughly and I blame the dimmed lights inside the boutique for not seeing the scratch.


    So I sent an email to the SA that assisted me and luckily I got a response. They were willing to assist me but unfortunately I cannot fly back to Europe just to get a replacement. I did ask if a friend can bring it for me since one of them will be stopping by Rome on the 22nd.

    Is it fair that I demand that they pay for shipping? I’m sure they have an account with the big couriers like UPS, DHL or FedEx. I dont want to spend extra to think we paid €5350 for this bag alone.

    Let me know your thoughts please!
  4. Can I ask what humidity in a closet should be like? I live in a super dry climate so wondering if I’m good or should try to add some humidity ?
    Thanks !
  5. Congrats on your first Chanel ! I just got mine last weekend, a ML df in black caviar and SHW. I didn’t know they carry any so black bags in boutique anymore? Or did you just get lucky ?
    Also am debating how much I’m going to carry my df. She’s just so beautiful and I’m a little terrified to wreck her
  6. Can you post a picture? I think there are 2 kind of reissue chevron calfskin recently. I also kind of confused because you said ‘chevron quilted’. Which one is actually? Or is it both patterns in one bag? The chevron I’ve seen in recent seasons are one is smooth (maybe with edge stitching, I don’t remember), the other one is without edge stitching which has fine crease like distressed/aged? I’m not an expert with leather so I’m sorry if I don’t define it clearly. I happen to have the so black chevron aged calf without the edge stitching and I’m so in love with it but I must advise you to be careful with crease in the front when opening the bag. Usually crease happen on the back but this one allows crease just from a few wear in the front side. It will be less visible when closing but not completely gone (unlike in caviar). At least try not to set the chain on the front when using it 1 chain only (one chain shoulder carry/crossbody)
  7. upload_2019-5-19_3-42-12.png
    Is this the combination you got? I'm absolutely in love with my aged calfskin reissue as well (though mine is quilted), I find this type of leather to be very hardwearing but in the sense that it doesn't show wear nearly as easily as many other types of leather. Congratulations on your first Chanel! More than the leather, I'd be more nervous about the hardware since I've heard many stories about how so black hardware chips more easily (due to the process of how it's made).
    I would say, use common sense and the bag will wear well. Stuff it when you're not using it, rotate it in and out with other bags! My reissue is very carefree to me and I wear it very often but I have 10 or so bags I rotate, so my bag is never worn more than 2 days in a row and to this day, looks very very new. Hope this helps!
  8. This bag in this picture is exactly what I have. I agree it is hardwearing. There were some occasion when I thought I scratched the bag but no damage made. It’s not as fragile as it looks. The so black hardware is fine. I have mine for more than a year now but bought when they had fixed the issue (they claimed) so that I have to pay $300 more expensive than regular hardware because of that reason solely. But still I’m watching closely in case there’s a bad sign on the black hardware.

    As you can see in the picture, this is what I’m referring too. You can zoom in the picture there’s a slight long horizontal crease on the front flap near chain. I have search for many examples of this exact style and almost all have same issue. Like 1 in 10 bags is still smooth but I’m guessing it was still new. I suggest avoid putting chain on the front flap just like in the picture. It endorses the crease when opening the bag (when the chain is set in the front). It maybe not the only reason the crease happen but it can be one of the reason. I don’t think it cause the same issue to classic reissues (aged calfskin) or other styles/leather. Well maybe after years of use but not only few wears. I don’t know why. My classic reissue also doesn’t have this problem. Nonetheless, it’s very beautiful and I still love this more than my other bags.
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  9. I didn’t know they claimed to have fixed the issue and that it cost extra! Hm! Good to know.
    I also didn’t know about the issue with the crease on the flap, thanks for sharing. I never rest the chain on my bag when storing, especially for longer periods of time! I agree with you. It’d be good to put a layer of felt or something under the chain when storing.
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