my first Chanel: The East-West flap (lots of pictures)

  1. Hi all! A recent fashion dilemma lead to my very first Chanel purse. Brevity is not my strong point, so please excuse this if it gets long-winded. :smile:

    A couple weeks ago I asked the Balenciaga forum for recommendations on an evening bag. My boyfriend was performing at a party thrown at the Hayden Planetarium the next night, and I needed something small (but not too small), practical for dancing or moving through the crowds, and not too casual.

    After a ton of dedicated searching through the forum and visiting the BalNY boutique, I did not find anything I liked. I was on Fifth Avenue, and Chanel was closed for the night. Luckily, Bergdorf Goodman was open for another hour, and I met a wonderful SA who took me up to the Chanel mini boutique. After all my research, I through caution (and fiscal responsibility) to the wind, and found something that worked for me, the East-West flap.

    It hurt a little realizing I could have gotten the largest Balenciaga bag for the price, but out of all my collection, I think this little bag has the most staying power. It's a classic style, the caviar leather seems very durable, and it holds just the right amount for an evening out. I did not know previously that the strap length is so versatile, I like the idea of shortening it to clutch length.

    The full strap length has about a 10 inch / 26 cm drop, which fits nicely against the body. Visually, I preferred the double strapped medium flap, but the higher price and extra flap inside dissuaded me.

    This is one of the new ones which means it was the new price ($1760 :crybaby:) and has a pocket on the back. Here it is sitting on an H scarf, which a Chanel glossimer for size reference. I don't know how functional the pocket is; it would fit my MetroCard, but I'd be afraid of it falling out. For that night, I just stuck my drink tickets in there while waiting on line.


    By the way, does anyone else's E/W not fit in the dustbag? This is the most I can close mine:
    IMG_0334.jpg IMG_0307.jpg IMG_0310.jpg IMG_0304.jpg IMG_0301.jpg
  2. continued!
    Size was a huge consideration for me, and the smallest flap barely fit my wallet. That night I carried my essentials, but when I (eventually) get a smaller wallet, I'll be able to fit more. For now, wallet, phone, camera, and lipstick is good enough!



    Unfortunately, I did not get a lot of good pictures from that night. (Oh look, a blurry Chanel bag!) The party photog took a couple pics of us, here's me, standing behind my boyfriend and my head. Sorry I can't show you properly, but I loved the way it looked -- not terribly conspicuous but definitely stylish. Fortunately, it had a seat of honor (and safety) next to my boy's rig.

    Thanks for reading! I'm delighted with my new Chanel, hopefully I'll be able to splurge again sometime in the future. For now, I'm enjoying all of your gorgeous posts! :flowers:
    DSC03947.jpg DSC03948.jpg
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  3. Congratulations! That's a great bag. And she does look very stylish next to your bf........You'll find the e/w really useful for daily run arounds too!
  4. YAY for you!! :yahoo: Nice pics!!!!! I'm glad the e/w worked for you....Ya, you can't go wrong with Chanel that's for sure. You'll be able to use it for years to come......very classy!!!!!!:tup:

    Congrats n' Enjoy!!!!!!!!! :wlae:
  5. lovely! congrats on your first chanel! and enjoy!
  6. lovely first chanel~! congrats!
  7. Congrats!! Such a pretty bag. :amuse:
  8. very pretty purse indeed, congrats!
  9. congrats! what a great classic piece! about the dustbag..I believe that's how they all med/large fits the same in its dustbag (like it's about to burst out!)
  10. cOngrats !!! Perfect choice for a small evening bag!
  11. it's beautiful! perfect bag for the evening and even for the day!
  12. Cute bag and good Chanel in Action shot :biggrin:
  13. Congratulations! That's a great looking bag and I loved all your photos.
  14. congrats on selecting a very lovely and functional chanel bag! :flowers:
  15. very nice! congrats