My First Chanel Sunnies (or my Bvlgari's sister?)

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  1. I finally found an AUTHENTIC pair of Chanel sunnies on eBay that I loved and were the color lenses/frames I love. I was so psyched! The price was reasonable, too. I ordered them then I got to looking at the pictures on the listing and a light bulb went off. I had just bought the sister to my Bvlgari sunnies I got in January! Oh dopey me!!! Here's the eBay shot and a stock shot of my Bvlgari's side by side. Honestly, the only differences are the logos on the earpieces and the Bvlgari's are gradiated lenses with a slightly darker tint.

    They were just delivered and definitely 110% authentic but I still can't get over buying the same sunnies by a different designer. Doh! :Push:

    But what the heck: I'VE GOT MY FIRST PAIR OF CHANEL SUNNIES!!!:yahoo:

  2. awesome! my first pair of Chanel sunglasses are the same kind, but in black with the mother of pearl logo. congratulations!
  3. I almost bought that black pair, they are SO COOL, but for whatever reason I always go with brown tint lenses, so ended up with fraternal sister sunnies!
  4. both are really cute, but I would go with chanel.
  5. for some reason I always think brown glasses look a lot more classy.. maybe that's not the word I'm looking for, but they have a certain feel to them. I might pick up the brown pair next weekend if I can't find a suitable purse! :supacool:
  6. They are super similair, but if they both look good I think you're fine. And I know you'll have no problem using them, they're gorgeous.