My first chanel sunglasses with pictures!!!

  1. I finally did it!
    I bought my first chanel sunglasses, they are the tortoise mother of pearl glasses. I am loving it for months, but I can't use my sunglasses in the winter because it rains all the time. But now with spring coming I saw they still were available, so I finally bought them. I love the pearl case instead of black, but I am so scared to ruin it!
    Here are my pictures (but they don't do justice to the real beauty my sunglasses have!)
  2. They look fabulous on you!
  3. Ohhh, I have and love these!! They look great on you, enjoy them! :smile:

  4. i have these in black and just love them. great pair of chanel.
  5. Wow, they look hot on you! Enjoy!:party:
  6. I have that exact pair and love them. They look great on you!
  7. congrats on your first pair, they look great on you!
  8. LOVE! May I have the style number please? I had the 5076H but they didn't look good on me. These frames will! You look fab in them!!
  9. Congrats! They look great on you! I have the same ones, only in black.
  10. lovely angela! congrats!:yahoo:
  11. Angela, they look fabulous on you, congratulations!
  12. I have a Chanel pair that looks almost the same to those except they're black and styled more curvy. You'll love them! I've had sunglasses from all the high-end designers and just adore Chanel sunglasses and they last for years! They also look amazing on you, Congratulations!
  13. Beautiful!!! :yes:
  14. Very cute, looks great on you!
  15. Hey! I have that pair in black - aren't they so comfy?? They look awesome on you - you look like Brit Spears, you know, when she was healthy and gorgeous. Congrats~!