My first Chanel reveal and experience at Chanel Rue Cambon


Mar 23, 2015
Happy holidays!
I just returned from vacationing in Paris and Barcelona with my first Chanel handbag!

Not only did I have a great trip but I had the most wonderful experience at the Chanel Rue Cambon flagship store in Paris.

Thanks to all the wonderful and detailed information on PF I made sure to plan ahead and make time for shopping at Chanel. Normally this location is not open on Sundays, but fortunately for us the boutique is open on Sundays for the entire month of December due to all the holiday shopping.
After breakfast we took a car from our hotel to Rue Cambon at around 10am. The store opens at 11am on Sundays so we took a lovely walk down to the Jardin des Tuileries for a beautiful view of the Roue de Paris and the Tour Eiffel.

Once we returned we were one of the first to enter the store and were greeted by friendly SA's who led us to the handbag department to one of the most helpful and patient SA's I have ever met!
After having read so many threads on PF about the limited supply of classic flaps and boys I was prepared to be disappointed, but to my surprised they had M/L Classic Flaps in both lambskin with GHW and caviar with SHW & GHW as well as Le Boys in quilted lambskin antique GHW (several of each). It was a tough choice but I got exactly what I wanted.
Our SA was so wonderful and showed me some other handbags upon my request before I asked him to take me to the costume jewelry department where he helped me make some decisions on what to get and gave me tips on how to wear it.

He also offered us drinks, which we had in a beautiful seating area near the center of the boutique and came over to show me a gorgeous pearl and enamel flower necklace that I had been admiring while we had our tea and coffee and told us all about the craftsmanship and design.

Before we left he took us over to the iconic steps leading up to Coco Chanel's apartment and took several photos of me with my new acquisitions!

My experience was better than I could have imagined at the Rue Cambon location.
My SA was so wonderful and helpful especially knowing this was my first Chanel handbag. There were about four other people shopping at the time so we never felt rushed and our SA enriched our experience by offering so much information and history behind what he showed us (which my husband enjoyed the most!).

Alright, time for a reveal!

P.s. They had the new holiday camellias and ribbon!
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Apr 19, 2008
Oh such a lovely experience and gorgeous bags! I bought the same things (bag and brooch) from rue cambon store when I was there (nearly 7 years ago!) - bag twins [emoji847]
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I could give up shopping, but I'm not a quitter.
Jun 28, 2015
Fabulous choices for your first bag and brooch. These are beautiful classic choices that are perfect for any occasion. Your experience at the boutique sound optimal as well! Sounds like another Chanel addict is born! :lol:
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Jul 9, 2010
i am glad you had a great experience! there's sth magical about going to Paris and buying Chanel at the Rue de Cambon boutique (though I love my home boutique!). The staff is so patient, friendly and kind

Your bag and brooch are beautiful. When I bought my first chanel, i thought that would be it but you sort of get hooked by how thoughtfully their products are made, unlike some other purses by other brands - they are not uncomfortable and somehow tend to age well and remain classic - and somehow effortlessly dress up a simple jeans with tshirt outfit!
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Dec 5, 2015
My perfect M/L Classic Flap with silver hardware and brooch.
That is all for my first (but not last!) Chanel boutique purchase.:heart:
Your classic flap and brooch are both perfect and beautiful!! What a wonderful experience you had. Thank you for sharing. :heart::heart:
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