my first chanel reveal and a question...

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  1. So I bought my first Chanel which is a caviar boy WOC in Ruthenium which is something I had been wanting for over 2 years, I almost gave in to buying the lambskin but was holding out for a caviar release since I had planned to use it casually/frequently. I preordered it since I do not live near a boutique. But having received it, I feel like I need some feedback.

    So I opened it and I was a little surprised because I had been under the impression that caviar was supposed to be highly processed and a stiff hard material but maybe because it's grained calfskin(?) it was soft and smushy.

    I haven't seen Chanel caviar before but I have seen the YSL caviar WOC in person and I know that thing felt as hard as a rock but this feels nothing like it. I feel like when I touch the leather it pushes in. It feels like it is deflating in the middle of the quilts and now I'm scared to use it because I feel like it will deflate unevenly and look weird which defeats the purpose of getting caviar in the first place since I bought it since it was supposed to be more low maintenance. I've attached pictures below.

    So my question is generally does caviar on wocs deflate? Is it sturdier than it feels? Is the deflating on my woc visible?

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  2. Congrats on your first Chanel! Beautiful choice! And good for you for holding out for exactly what you wanted! As for this season's caviar, there are a number of threads with opinions on it. Below is a link to my caviar boy from this season with some of them and if you do a search, you'll find more posts over the past month or so discussing it. Although this season's caviar is not as shiny as most other caviars from Chanel, I am satisfied with it and love the look. It's hard to say about the durability of it since it just came out this season, but caviar in general is known to be more durable than lamb and I don't think this caviar will be any different. I've used mine new caviar boy quite a bit since I received it and it seems just as durable as my other caviar Chanel pieces. I don't see any deflating of the quits in your photos, but you are the one that needs to be happy with it.
  3. Honestly? I don't own much Chanel at all, but I'm a major admirer and have followed this forum for quite a I know about the caviar hard/soft/flat/dull/shiny debate over the years....

    Yours looks absolutely gorgeous. Perfect. Seriously. :heart:
  4. I agree, you have a beautiful new WOC and though I haven't seen this season's caviar in person, caviar is more durable than Lambskin. Also grained calfskin is Chanel's term for Caviar they're one in the same. Trust your gut and if you don't love it then return it and find something you love, Good Luck :smile:
  5. Stunning WOC...congrats. :heart:
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    I have owned several pieces of Chanel bag since I have started collecting them, most of them are Caviar and yes there are different variations of Caviar. I have also ordered a Caviar boy from this season because I was thinking it would be the same as the 14B Caviar boys which I have in old medium red. Of course when I got it, it was this soft matte Caviar. I can't attest to how strong it will be since I have exchanged it with the multi-leather boy bag. I was just not a fan of this type of Caviar. For the price of Chanel, I can never second guess my Chanel purchases, I have to be 100% with it. If you still love the bag regardless of how the Caviar's characteristic (as Im sure its still more durable than Lambskin) then go for it!
  7. I have a caviar jumbo, GST, and WOC and they all are different. The WOC and GST are softer than the jumbo, so this is normal. Just enjoy it
  8. I think your WOC is so pretty! Caviar looks so thick and cushiony! Love how saturated the color is!
    Congrats! I'd be over the moon if my WOC looks like yours!!
  9. Thank you! :biggrin:

    Ha yes I have following the season's debate on caviar but was more surprised than anything about how soft it was which made me question the durability but as you mentioned definitely I expect it to be more durable than lambskin at least from scratches. :cool:

    Thanks! :biggrin:

    I think I like the look of the matte but was just surprised by the softness. And I think I'm going to keep it just because as you mentioned I expect it will be more durable than lambskin.

    It's good to know that WOC and GST are softer since I think I have mostly been looking at jumbo caviar. I do plan on enjoying it!

    Thanks! Yes it does feel thick and cushiony which is a good thing! I guess I just wasn't expecting it to feel that way haha