My first Chanel repair

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  1. I’ve been reading about decreasing Chanel quality but so far, I’ve been lucky in that I haven’t really experienced problems with my purchases.

    Until this happened. :shocked:


    Got this last March (18S collection) and been rotating it with my other Chanel SLGs for about 6-8 months. Haven’t used it in a while and can’t even find the CC so not sure when it happened.

    Hoping Chanel won’t be charging me for the repair as I think it should be considered a defect rather than wear and tear??
  2. Oh my! Quickly bring it for repair. This is something they can easily fix. But definitely love your slg :heart:, they haven’t seem to make this zippered one anymore
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  3. Thanks, I like the zipped version too as it’s more handy if I need to store the odd coin. Is this style not out this season? I’m sure it’ll come back again.

    Brought it into my SA and she seemed surprised, saying she’s never come across this before. Anyway, she took it and didn’t mention repair costs so I’ll wait to find out.
  4. I’ve had several repair for my bags all under 1 year of purchase. All have been free :smile:. Yours should be too!
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  5. Oh no!! I hope this gets fixed for you ASAP!
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