my first chanel---question

  1. i am about to purchase my first chanel-yay! but i really dont know what one i want, im 17, so i dont want my bag to look fake, but i want my chanel to be something ill have forever, anyone have any suggestions? i was thinking about the classic e/w, medium, or jumbo...does anyone have the prices on those? or a shopping tote, anyone have the prices on those?
    sorry this post was so long.
  2. The reference library has a bunch of the different prices as well as photos. I think it is literally the best resource for Chanel on the web. I know it has helped me.

    EW $1300-somthing in caviar if I'm not mistaken, $1550 lambskin.
    Medium $1995
    Jumbo $2250

    Keep in mind that all of these you mention are part of the classic collection and they are going up on November 1. If you want to buy, I'd do it before then. My SA said the increase is 25% (just talked with her today.)
  3. I'm pretty sure E/W is 1395$ for caviar.
  4. Thanks, I couldn't remember if it was $1395 or $1350...