My first Chanel purchased at SAKS

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  1. Finally i joined this Chanel family with my first Chanel goodies...also got 1k gift card from SAKS....Sweet Deal :heart:
    Millions of thanks for Hellokiwi, my SA from BH store turned me down, she introduce her SA from PA.....very sweet girl...

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  2. Gorgeous! I love the black chain on the white reissue! Many congrats!
  3. I love your white reissue and your patent wallet! I have the bordeaux wallet from the same line from last year, and I love it!
  4. I love the wallet
  5. The black hw against the white bag really stands out. Its beautiful! Congrats!:yahoo:
  6. Congrats !! Its lowwweely!
  7. Congrats on your gorgeous purchases!
    :heart: the reissue, enjoy them!
  8. love the tiffany blue wallet! your reissue looks fab on you! congrats!
  9. Gorgeous loot! Congrats!
  10. Great first choices. Your reissue & wallet are very pretty!!!:heart: Congrats!!!:yahoo: Looks great on you too.;)
  11. My favorite reissue and the color on the wallet is gorgeous! Enjoy your purchases!
  12. Beautiful and spring /summer ready purchase ,congrats
  13. What lovely purchases!! Wear them well!
  14. nice loot - congrats
  15. Beautiful bag and wallet. Love the black hardware against the white, really "pops."