My First Chanel Purchase

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  1. Hello! I've been a long-time lurker of TPF -- never posted, but this occasion was momentous enough for me to change that :lol:

    Background: I'm relatively young and don't own many luxury bags; I generally opt for contemporary designer bags as it's more in line with my age/"background". I recently started using a Mulberry bag relatively infrequently and even that was a big deal for me; my mom got a WOC almost a year back and it's just been sitting in my closet because I haven't "dared" to carry it out.

    So today was Good Friday and everyone was off work so my family headed for a nice lunch. Knowing that the Spring/Summer collection launched in my country some time this week, we decided to head to the Chanel boutique just to have a peek -- I'd seen a S/S seasonal flap bag in the in-store catalogue a week ago and they told me to come back this week as they were launching the collection this week (I later found out they brought in 2 pieces of that bag, it was launched THIS morning and when I was in the store at 2pm it was sold out! Insane!)

    There was a long line to enter the store as always (and the fact the S/S collection launched this morning made it more crowded than usual) and while waiting in line this beauty of a bag which I'd seen on TPF a few days back kept staring at me straight in the face... and once I entered the store you know where I went straight to :lol:

    It was in a style and 'print' that I'd always loved (hence the perfect combination), in an absolutely gorgeous shade of red. But I'd always known I wanted to own a black classic bag at some point in my life (not right now though), so out of curiosity I asked if they had it in black. And that was the point of no return...

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  2. Unboxing..

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  3. Without further she is! Black chevron classic flap in M/L -- love at first sight once I saw her :love::love::love:

    Lighting in my place at night isn't too good, so here's an in-store pic as well which does the bag slightly more justice (and another comparing it with the old medium chevron boy)

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  4. Congratulations on ur first purchase. Enjoy ur new bag X
  5. Beautiful! The chevron this year has been incredible in every color, of course the black is especially classic.
  6. Excellent choice for your first, congrats on this classic beauty!!
  7. It is beautiful! Congrats!
  8. So beautiful ♡

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  9. Congratulations it's beautiful! Make sure you take it out and show it off, it's too lovely to sit in a wardrobe!:biggrin:
  10. What a beauty! Congrats!
  11. Congrats! Beautiful boy on your first Chanel haul
  12. very beautiful! Congratulations
  13. OMGGG LOVE!!!! I'm on the wait list for the same bag but in the jumbo size [emoji173]️
  14. Gorgeous!!!!! Congratulations!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  15. Congrats! This is great choice for your first classic and edgy at the same time. Wear her in good health
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