My first Chanel purchase

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  1. I am new to this forum and wonderbwhat is the most popular Chanel bag? I would like one that is shoulder held and crossbody. Any suggestions?
  2. I think would be the black caviar jumbo! Both silver and gold hardware are just as popular. :smile:
  3. Most popular would be the classic flap. You should stop by a local store and test out some bags to see what you like rather than going with the most popular one :smile:
  4. I'd say the classic flap also....
  5. classic flap is always a good one to start with i reckon. But if u want it to fit shoulder and crossbody, id go for medium size. It can be held double chain shoulder or single chain. Looks elegant both ways. If you dont carry alot, could also consider wallet on chain (WOC) for crossbody or mini classic flap. HTH! :smile:
  6. Couldn't agree more. My first Chanel is also classic flap in medium size and I'm super happy with it!
  7. Jumbo although it was my 3rd Chanel bag but still my favourite & most treasured bag

    I agree you should stop by a Chanel boutique & check them out in person also it depends how much you want to spend as the Jumbo is nearly double the price of a GST or Cerf Tote
  8. Classic flap! But go to the store and try on the m/l and the jumbo. The m/l might be awkward crossbody depending on your height (I'm 5'4 and i find the strap too short on me as I prefer it to be on hips).