My first Chanel purchase...sunglasses

  1. I usually post in the Bbag forum, but I have been coveting a pair of Chanel sunglasses for a while. So, I finally just went out and got them! I like to see pics of people's sunnies, so I thought I'd post mine. These are the 6030 style.
    IMG_0329_edited.jpg IMG_0322_edited.jpg IMG_0328_edited.jpg
  2. very nice, congrats!
  3. Very cool :supacool:, congratulations!
  4. they look great, congrats!!
  5. They are very nice. Congrats.
  6. Like the sleekness of those, congrats!
  7. Congrats
  8. very nice! congrats... beware though, that's how Chanel addictions start!

    -First it's sunglasses, then accessories, and BAM! you got the bag itch :yes: LOL

    I wish someone warned me! --> My first Chanel purchase was sunglasses too ;)
  9. cool shades ... congrats!
  10. Very nice!!
  11. I just bought my first pair of Chanel sunglasses. The ones I bought are the 6030 sunglasses only in tortoise. I love mine and they look sooooo good!;)
  12. love them 8)
  13. Gorgeous! :beach:
  14. I hope you have been enjoying your sunnies!!!
  15. My old post was revived! Thanks, everyone. I really like these glasses and have pretty much retired all others.