My first Chanel: Pre-fall 2.55 Reissue Metallic Blue striped (226

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  1. I just want to share my first Chanel with you all :yahoo:

    I have been drooling over this bag for the past two months and my fiance :heart: has bought me this bag as my Chinese Valentine gift! (Aug 7)

    Here are the pics! :wlae:
  2. oops.. Here they are...

    Attached Files:

  3. That's so sweet of him. I did not realize that 8/7 was Chinese Valentine's Day.
  4. Awfully yummy! I love the color :love:
  5. Very pretty! Congrats!!
  6. Hi LVgirl888,

    The Chinese Valentine is the 7th day of 7th month of Chinese lunar calendar, and this year it landed on Aug 7..

    Here's the info on it for anyone that's interested..
  7. I love this navy reissue! congrats! enjoy it!
  8. Loves it! congrats!
  9. Gorgeous bag! So sweet of your fiance. Nothing like a bag bought with love!
  10. oohh congrats!
  11. congrats on your beautifull chanel bag, your fiance is so sweet....... wear it in good health, and hope he keeps buying you beautifull Chanel bags.....
  12. It's gorgeous ... I've seen this one IRL! Your fiance sounds wonderful, he has excellent taste! Congrats and enjoy!
  13. oh, grapegravity, you are my twin sista now!!

    I have one but it is more like 227 size. I didnt' know they have 226 too!!

  14. Fabulous bag!!!..Congrats..great choice!!!
  15. hi may i know how much does the reissue 226 cost? its soo pretty