My First Chanel! :) --pics!

  1. I just got my very first Chanel! Dark Brown w/ Beige CC's Cambon Bowler.

    i lovveeee it:yes: Especially the color!

    Excuse my lack of makeup in the second picture, haha:heart:
    ChanelBowler.jpg ChanelBowler2.jpg
  2. Congrats Sammydoll. Enjoy. =)
  3. The color is YUM!!! Congrats! Gorgeous bag!!!!
  4. Congrats!!!! I LOVE the Cambon line, and the brown is such a pretty shade too!!!!
  5. Cute! You and her both!
  6. Very nice..I NEVER knew they made the bowler in brown..ITS HOT in that color
    I only thought beige ,pink ,white, and black..I like brown
    Enjoy your new baby
  7. You are glowing with that great bag. Congrats.
  8. congrats on your new bag!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo:
  9. Congratulations. I just love the cambon bowlers.:heart:
  10. Thanks everyone! :smile:
  11. Congrats, I love the brown cambons. Wear it well!!
  12. Very Cute! Enjoy it!
  13. It's lovely. Congrats.
  14. You're adorable, GREAT bag!
    I LOVE the Cambons in brown!:love:
  15. It's nice. I love cambon :smile: