My first Chanel -- need info

  1. Well, I broke down today and bought my first Chanel. I'm an LV guy but couldn't pass up on this one. Does anyone know what it is? When was the line introduced? Any information about it would really help. Thanks guys!!!!
  2. I'm sorry but I don't what that is but I LOVe it! Can I ask how much was it ?
  3. ooh thats pretty cool... id also like to know how much it was, and u should post some pics wearing it to!

    im 6'3" and stuggling to find a chanel that isnt going to look tiny and girly
  4. Called the Chanel Customer service and was informed that it belongs to the Country Ride Collection FW 2006. Originally at $2150 and bought it fr $1505. I am still debating if I should keep it.
  5. That bag is fantastic DEFINITLY you should keep it forever and ever and ever and ever:love:...... It will forever be in your collection of "merses", (aka man purses).:yes:
  6. Congrats and welcome to the chanel addict thread.