My First Chanel - jumbo flap or kelly

  1. Gosh, life is tough - I somehow managed to get my hands on two Chanels, a black caviar flap w/ silver hardware, and a black caviar kelly w/ gold hardware (the squarish one). They're both ABSOLUTELY TDF!

    I feel a little guilty going from 0 Chanels to 2 all of a sudden... if you had to chose which Chanel would be my first, which one would it be!?

    Oh, and I would post pics, except DH is in the room and he hasn't seen either yet... I need to find the right time to show him. :wtf: :graucho:
  2. For me personally, I'd keep the flap. I can only handle shoulder bags and the kelly is handheld.
  3. i prefer the flap as well. it's so classic! and i love shoulder bags
  4. i agree with ocgirl.....
  5. Mango, we should shop together and not tell our husbands. :smile: This is a really tough decision you have....and if you can find a way to keep it. I really like the flap because it's more hands-free, but I see the appeal of how lady-like the Kelly is. Then again, the kelly is a little harder to find, and you can always find a black flap.
  6. Jumbo flap. I think the proportions of the large kelly are odd.
  7. Jumbo flap.
  8. Is there anyway you can keep both?? They are classic styles, the jumbo is so fabulous and the kelly is really rare.

  9. I am just the opposite, I prefer hand held bags - but both are TDF!

    which do YOU prefer, shoulder or hand held???
  10. kelly =)
  11. If you MUST choose one, then I say jumbo flap!!!!!!!
  12. I like jumbo flap.
  13. I would keep the flap! Its such a classic :yes:
  14. I too like them both, but if you can only keep one...Jumbo flap.
  15. OH so tempting! This is more of a guilt issue than a money issue (this time around, at least), so I suppose it is possible... maybe