My first chanel jacket

Nov 19, 2007
Hi ladies,
I am new in the Chanel forum and need your advice... I have many Chanel bags but now i want to get my first Chanel jacket and don't know what to get, i want a short jacket that i can wear often ( not sure if the style has a name:s )
I really appreciate any suggestions... Thanx
Mar 14, 2006
I think you need to decide between two things:

1. Do you want something basic, classic, like a basic cut black jacket that you'll wear for 30 years and pass down to your kids...

2. Or do you want a funky, more interesting, one of a kind type chanel jacket.

Since you called this your "first" chanel jacket, I'm guessing you plan to get more, so start with a basic one, like you've described. :yes:

Sounds like an exciting thing to be contemplating purchasing, can't wait to see what you choose! :girlsigh:


Jan 15, 2007
It's best to try some jackets on and see what style looks best on your body; i.e., the shorter style or a longer cut. Once you know your size and style, it's just a matter of keeping an eye out. Unless your pockets are deep and want to spend $5K or more, you can look at ebay, consignment shops and the end of season markdowns. If looking at used, always check the measurements as there may have been alterations. As a general rule there is enough seam allowance to go up two sizes as long as it hasn't been altered and the seams trimmed off.)