My first Chanel items...LOVES IT

  1. Okay so I went shopping with a gf and picked up these babies. We call it my Barbie bag. LOL I was even lucky enough to get them on SALE! SWEET! My first foray in the world of Chanel has been nice. now I am eyeing the rock bag...:graucho:
    chanel1.JPG chanel.JPG
  2. Cute bag and wallet...gotta love the pink!!!!! And on sale too....excellent!!!!
  3. very cute!!
  4. Lovely and welcome to Chanel.... :graucho:
  5. Congrats, adorable!
  6. Congrats! Looks fantastic on you.:tup:
  7. oh yea! We get Crystal too! LOL!
    Lots of Chanel newbies this week, it's fantastic!

    Love your summer tresses:yes:
  8. congrats! its so cute =) i love pink!
  9. Yeah this could get ugly...Chanel vs. LV! :wtf:
  10. THanks! I am loving the hair!!

    I was like this in Chanel :drool:. This is BAD BAD! LOL
  11. oooooo another one hits the dust :lol: congrats Syn they are both lovely!!! I just bought 4 in the last 2 months and now I'm like:wtf:
  12. I like the pink wallet. It's cute.
  13. congrats and welcome to the fun! I :heart: the caviar wallet.
  14. Thanks for the name of the wallet! LOL I have no clue what the bag is called! :nogood: Such a noobie! :rolleyes:
  15. Congrats on your very cute bowler and wallet!