My first Chanel item with story...

  1. Hello everyone! I've been so inspired by everyone's beautiful Chanel bags recently that I've been on the hunt for my perfect Chanel.

    A little about me: I am an avid LV fan and have been so for at least 10 years. Recently, I haven't found any exciting "new" LV items. About a month ago, I was reading the local paper and saw someone selling a "Chanel classic red flap" for $1800 and so instantly my interest was piqued. Then I came over to the Chanel side of tPF to see what these "flaps" were all about. I took some time to view everyone's gorgeous bags here and realized my own grandmother has a jumbo beige flap! I fell in love with some of the bags as a result of pouring through your pictures and found things that were "must-haves" if I was to buy one. Then, I figured I'll just peruse eBay to get more ideas prior to going to NM and/or the Chanel boutique in Boston. But wham! THERE IT WAS right on eBay, the bag I totally wanted! I figured it was too good to be true. It had everything I thought would be awesome for me. Now, without further she is. :wlae:

    chanel1.jpg chanel2.jpg chanel 3.jpg

    I'm not sure of the details in Chanel terms but here's my best guess: Medium Classic Flap with distressed black leather, mademoiselle closure, dark silver matte chain.

    If anyone can provide additional details, that would be most helpful, please! TIA.
  2. gorgeous bag for a first chanel! it is in lambskin, i believe. i love the MM lock! welcome to chanel where crazy good things happen :graucho:
  3. Congrats and welcome to the Chanel family.
  4. Cheri! That is a gorgeous first Chanel! And your story is lovely, maybe you can borrow your grandmother's Jumbo flap sometime ;)

    Congratulations and welcome to Chanel! :yahoo:
  5. congrats on ur beauty x
  6. Congrats! She's a beauty!
  7. Congrats!!! I just bought this same style bag on eBay myself and I love it!! It's such a gorgeous bag ... I love the distressed look to it. This is a great first Chanel bag.
  8. ^Cool! Thanks everyone. I'm loving this bag. Now...I can't wait to go to a boutique and get my hands on something else.
  9. Wow, very pretty! GRatz on the new bag! I too, am eyeing my very first CHANEL.
  10. Gorgeous first, CONGRATS!
  11. Yep, that's what Chanel does to you, can be veryyyy addictive :nuts: