My first Chanel - is it defective?

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  1. Hi everyone! I posted this in the boy club but perhaps my own thread might be a better idea.

    My husband surprised me with my first Chanel!! Well, it's not my first, but I happen to have just bought myself a WOC as a early birthday gift to myself and when he saw me come home with it, promptly pulled this gorgeous baby out from hiding!!! I debated over opening and finally did and now I'm OBSESSED :yahoo: (the WOC is going back because I mean, this boy bag is gorgeous and it's what I really wanted but didn't have enough $ for)...

    ANYWAY, I have an issue :sad: do you see a horizontal line(s) going through the weaving/braiding across the front? :sad: If you don't see it, lean back in your chair :smile: it's something you can see from away but not up close if that makes sense? You can't see it in person but it shows up in photos and in the mirror. It seems to be one of the pieces of leather doesn't have as much of the gold edging on it :cry: I'm SO BUMMED! We called Nordstroms (where he purchased it) and they tried searching but there aren't any more in the company. I don't want to return it unless I can find the exact same bag because I loveeeee this one (I had my heart set on a black boy bag with gold hardware). Would this be considered a defect and if so, if they ship it to Chanel to fix, they won't really see it in person unless they take a photo so how would that work? Plus the thought of being without it for months aches, even if I just met it :smile: ...The part that really bothers me about it is that I'm a blogger and this bag will be in a zillion photos so I can't just overlook it. Ugh... I'm so torn. Thoughts? Help? :crybaby:

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  2. I can see three diagonal lines from left to right on the photo. The middle and bottom diagonal lines are more obvious. The top diagonal line is less obvious but i can see it. Iike u said, it's as if there's less gold in those areas that creates the visual of the diagonal lines.yes, this issue would bother me and i would look for another bag.
  3. This bag is gorgeous . I love this size
    But if it's not perfect, return it.
    Find from the Authentic Finds thread.

    I have the New medium which I am trying to sell. I couldn't handle the huge-ness of the size. Can't return cos hubby bought from Paris.
  4. I could see it too - I would not accept a bag with that - looks peculiar?
  5. What size is your bag? Hirsh has it in black $4000 size, and the navy $4600 size.
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    I see the horizontal lines at some angles, but to me, that's not a defect, it's just how the leather was painted. To me, that just make the bag a bit special. Were it me, I'd not return it. It came from Paris, was your first and from your DH. But that's me and not you, so do what you think best. Congrats on a lovely stunning bag. I would love to get this in white or navy (there is a white in the "finds" that is just breath taking, and I love it in the navy and black, too). Beautiful bag.

    Happy birthday, by the way! :balloon::presents:partyhat:
  7. I see the lines and looks like the flap is bending outwards... Maybe just the lighting and angle? I dunno. I would return. And get a perfect bag. Good luck!
  8. +1, I couldn't stop thinking about it, it would bug me, it is beautiful though. I hope you find another:smile:
  9. If you can't see it in person not sure why it's an issue? If you exchange the next one might have a true defect, or maybe all of the boys in this design have the same look. :shrugs: unless there's something truly wrong, I just accept my bags as they come to me and love them as they are.
  10. I don't understand it either. Sometimes cameras pick up stripes and patterns and interpret them in photos differently from how you'd see them IRL. Try capturing a pic of your computer screen from different angles and you'd get crazy lines that go across the screen.

    Enjoy your Boy- it's bought by your DH! What can be more special than that? Congrats and happy birthday!
  11. I second these thoughts. I don't really see anything to complain about. Its a beautiful bag and once you start using it will be rubbing against your body or arm anyway. Congrats and what a sweet husband you have. Enjoy your bag and appreciate the effort you DH put into getting this for you. congrats.
  12. I think I just saw some showed up at NM again. It seems they got two batches (one in early Feb in small sizes and one recently)

    I'd return this one to Nordies and try to find one at NM.

    If you need a good NM SA, PM me.

    Don't settle for something you feel less than perfect!
  13. This is a beautiful piece. I personally would not think it's a big deal but at the end of the day you will be wearing it and at that pricing for a purse, I can understand that it should be 'perfect'.

    I'm no help. Hehe.
  14. Am I the only one who can't see it? I think he's a beauty & a keeper - just like your hubby :smile:
  15. It's the old medium - it seems everyone (I've called Chanel, Saks & NM here in California) ordered black in Small and Navy & White in Medium :sad: Only Nordstroms has ordered it the Black in Medium... just my luck ughhh... I'll call Hirsch & BG to double check though thank you!