My first Chanel- Help!!


Mar 12, 2010

I hope this is in the right place...

I'm hoping to get my FIRST Chanel bag for my 21st in July this year, but I need your help.

I went to look at Chanel today and fell in love with the Jumbo Classic Flap Lambskin in Navy!!! But I'm worried that I'll ruin the soft Lambskin because I plan to use this bag regulary/when I'm out at night. Is the fabic eaisly markable? Or can I use leather protector or something similar on it?

Also If I were to get the Large instead of the Jumbo do you think this is too small for 'everyday use'? I've been using 'big bags' for the last few years but am more than happy to downsize for my very own Chanel :biggrin: !!!

Also theres the whole ' Classic Black vs Navy' thing too...
Any opinions would be great!!

Thanks :smile:


Jan 7, 2008
for daily basic uses, I would recommended caviar instead of.

And welcome Chanelaholic club :P


Nov 27, 2006
Los Angeles
^ I also agree that caviar is better for everyday. I consider navy or black a good choice for a first Chanel since they are both neutrals.

In terms of size, I would go for a jumbo if you're a big bag kind of girl. I also like big bags and started with a M/L which turned out to be too small for everyday. I eventually got a jumbo and it's roomy enough.


Aug 20, 2009
ITA with adeener. I get so much use out of my black caviar Jumbo! The Jumbo is a great first Chanel bag! (although mine was a M/L lamb which I sold, because it was way too fragile for my taste and bought a Jumbo instead). GL deciding!


Oct 24, 2008
If you're going to be using it everyday, I would get caviar. As for color, that's totally up to you. It sounds like you prefer navy, so go for that. you don't have to get black just because people think black is more "classic". GL & can't wait to see a future reveal!!


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Jan 31, 2009
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I agree with the others, for everyday use I'd go for caviar. Lambskin is beautiful as well but caviar is much more durable and you don't have to baby it.

I don't know if you carry a lot of stuff? If yes, I'd go for the Jumbo.
If you don't carry a lot of stuff and you also want to use the bag for a night out, I'd go for the m/l.

As for the color, go for a color that makes your heart sing.
I love both, black and navy but I think navy is not easy to find at the moment and I'm not sure if it will be available at the time that you want to buy your Chanel.
The black will be available at that time (maybe not in the store but you can always ask your SA to give you a call when it comes in) because it's part of their classic collection.

HTH, good luck with your decision :biggrin:.