My FIRST Chanel Handbag!!

  1. I have been THINKING for the past six months about whether or not go get a Chanel. It IS a bit over my budget, and I just bought an LV handbag and wallet, which set me back. BUT, after searching OVER AND OVER online, and even looking through ebay, I've decided to finally purchase one when I was at the Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills... I'm so happy about it! It's not the trademark Chanel 'look' but it's so comfy and easy to wear both casual and somewhat dressy. I dress casually most of the time, anyway.. I am so proud of my Chanel!! Now I want more.. URGH!

    Here is it.. The Square Vintage!
    my chanel.jpg
  2. Here are better pics of my new chanel!:yahoo:
    Chanel Front.jpg Chanel Side.jpg Chanel back.jpg
  3. Pretty! Congrats on the new bag! I'm sure you'll use her lots.
  4. The leather looks so squishable and gorgeous! Congrats! May this be the first of many to come!
  5. this is nice, so nice.. congrats on the new purchase and they are ADDICTIVE....:yahoo:
  6. This is a great bag. Congratulations.
  7. Beautiful. This will not be your one and only love for long though.
  8. Awesome choice!!! I ADORE this bag and this line!!!
    Welcome to Chanel!:cutesy:
  9. Congratulations! That is such a beautiful bag! Doesn't it just feel like a warm, cozy blanket.....all soft and comfortable! I just love it! Those just flew out of the stores here in New York! You are so lucky to get one! Welcome to a very dangerous addiction, Chanel! They have bags that you will love for years to come and are worth every penny, IMHO!

    I am not sure if your SA told you.....but save your receipt and you can bring the bag back to Chanel for a free cleaning within the first year.
  10. I love this bag, congrats!!
  11. It's so SO beautiful!!! I love it! I want one now!!!:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
  12. Congrats on your first Chanel - very pretty and great style!
  13. Yay! Congrats!:yahoo: The leather is awesome on those bags!
  14. The leather looks a-mazing! The thick straps threw me off a bit... But the entire look is just so luxe~~~
    Is it heavy?
  15. I love your new bag. It looks so comfortable... Congrats!!!!