My FIRST CHANEL Finally Arrived!!!! I Love It!!!

  1. Well,she finally arrived!!!:yahoo:It's exactly what I expected. It's slightly used and a little "broken in". Just Perfect. It looks pretty sharp and I just :love::love::love::love: it!!!!
    IM000832.JPG IM000833.JPG IM000834.JPG
  2. OOPS!!! I don't know what happened. Looks like it worked :yes::yes: And there are 2 of them. Sorry!!
  3. Congrats!

    I responded to your other post...PM a mod to delete your othet post.
  4. Sounds good. Can you be a little more descriptive? Thanks.
  5. It's a vintage jumbo flap.....that's a rare find! Congrats, she's lovely~~
  6. Looks gorgeous! Congrats! I've seen that style IRL before and its beautiful
  7. congrats!
  8. [​IMG]
  9. congrats!
  10. Congrats!!! It's beautiful!!
  11. [​IMG]
  12. Congrats on your first Chanel!
  13. how prettie..........
  14. pretty!!
  15. Gorgeous!