1. chanel.jpg
  2. Congratulations Becca!! I'm so excited for you, I havent seen anyone else on here with that bag! I cant wait until the day I own my first Chanel.
  3. Wow--I've never seen this style before. It is beautiful~~Congrats!
  4. Thank you! I am trying to "broaden my horizens" purse wise and try different designers. Can't wait to see it in person!
  5. It's beautiful!!!!! Never seen it before though. Please post pics when you get it!!!!
  6. Congrats! Don't forget to post pics!
  7. What a beautiful bag and at a great price! I haven't seen this style before but it looks good to me. Congrats becca!
  8. hey Becca4277 0o0o0o congrats on the new CHANEL!
  9. congrats on your new bag
  10. Great bargain!
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