My First Chanel - Black Metallic Luxe!!

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  1. On Monday I went to Saks and bought the Grand Shopping Tote. Today I went back to return it because it was too bulky for me. I think it mostly had to do with the width. It felt awkward to carry on my shoulder.

    When I got to Saks, I couldn't believe my eyes. A Luxe black metallic bowler/camera case. (?) Are they the same thing?:shrugs: Looks like the bowler, but the tag says camera case. Anyway, I returned my Tote and went to my car. Ten minutes later, I'm back in and paying for my new baby!

    Anyhow, here it is! I love it so much. I can't wait to use it! :yahoo:This is my first Chanel!

    Old + New.
    chanelold.jpg chanelluxe1.jpg chanelluxe2.jpg chanelluxe3.jpg
  2. OMG, that's gorgeous! Yes, it's the Bowler. Was it the last one, and which Saks?!
  3. Thanks, roey! :smile: Nope, they had more! I'm not sure how many more, but I know that mine came from the back, so there is at least one more (the display). I was surprised they even had it. The SA that helped me said that they just got them in today.

    It's the Saks in Bala Cynwyd, PA. Here's the number: [SIZE=-1](610) 667-9166. They're closed now, but they'll open again on Monday at 10. :yes: If you call, ask for Erica. She helped me and was super nice.
  4. Very beautiful! Congrats and looks stunning on you
  5. OMG, thank you for the info Edna!! I will call first thing on Monday. Time to do some bag-shuffling in my collection. Congrats on your very first most gorgeous Chanel!
  6. Wow, that's a gorgeous bag! Congrats!
  7. That's the highly coveted bowler! It's GORGEOUS!!!!!!!

    How funny! I also bought that Grand Shopping Tote. . . after a week the tags were still on it so I decided to take it back and I ended up w/ the Luxe Flap!
  8. Oh it's so gorgeous! Congrats, it looks fantastic on you!
  9. wow, i thought that was sold out (in that color). I'm so glad you snagged it, it looks great on you!!
  10. Congrats!!!
  11. Gorgeous :love:
  12. congratulations on finding the bowler!!
  13. congrats, when i saw the tote i loved it, but when i put it on....i has the same situation...too bulky. But i do love the metallic luxe.:tender:
  14. Oh my, I'm in love! Its absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!
  15. It's beautiful! Congrats!:yahoo:
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