My first Chanel - Black Metallic 226

  1. Hi All,
    I finally got my first Chanel bag today!!!:yahoo:

    I wanted a Chanel flap since end of 2006. Its been a long wait.

    I was planning to purchase either the GST or the reissue on my birthday in mid September. But I still think the GST is abit too boxy for me, and since I always wanted a flap bag I thought I'd get a the the reissue as my first Chanel. I was afraid they'd be out of stock by September. They don't carry alot of stocks in Australia. So I popped in today during my lunch break just to have a look.

    I was hoping they'd have the black metallic in size 226, the last time I went, they only had 227.
    Luckily they had a few 226 in stock and I was able to get a new one from the back.

    The SA was really lovely, and packed the bag nicely.

    I promised my bf I won't use the bag till my birthday. So its going back to the box for now. But I already stuffed it with my essentials, for the "whats in your chanel bag" thread. :graucho:

    Sorry for the long post...too excited!

    Thanks for looking :p
    Shopping bag.JPG box.JPG With flash.JPG
  2. few more pics:yes:
    Without flash.JPG Inside.JPG Holds.JPG
  3. Very pretty!
  4. Congrats!! What a great bag to have as your first Chanel :yes: I just love the reissues :heart:
  5. Congratz on your first chanel, its very pretty, I'm sure you'll love it!:yes:
  6. beautiful! congrats on your 1st chanel, and of course, happy birthday in advance (my birthday's in mid sept too)!
  7. Happy Birthday, fantastic choice for a first Chanel!!
  8. Thank you guys...I love it so much!
    I think the metallic black is so versatile, can be dressed up or down.
  9. What a gorgeous bag! I have yet to see the metallic reissues IRL but yours is very pretty :love: Congrats, and Happy Birthday for Sept! :biggrin:
  10. ^you are absolutely right, I have the 227 and have been using it for work and on weekends...very versatile and a gorgeous bag...enjoy!
  11. Congratulations on a gorgeous 1st Chanel bag!
  12. Your 1st Chanel bag is gorgeous & stunning! Congrats. =)
  13. I love it!!!
  14. Congrats! I'm getting the same bag and it's supposed to be here today!!
  15. So exciting that first Chanel and a wonderful choice!