My first Chanel bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Heres some pictures of my new medium flap and matching card case. I love them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo: :yahoo: :wlae:

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  2. It's a beauty!! It won't be your last, that is for sure.

  3. Looks great on you!!! Love the lambskin!!!!
  4. :yahoo: Congratulations on your first of MANY Chanels.
  5. Congrats and welcome to the forum!:yahoo:
  6. It's GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!! LOVE it...the leather looks beautiful!! CONGRATS!!!!!

    And welcome to the Forum!
  7. It's beautiful and it looks fab on you.

  8. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome:nuts: :nuts: . I know this won't be my last. I am now Chanel obsessed. Totally in love. Now I want a red one but alas no red in the store. Maybe 2007??? They did have an interesting teal lambskin shoulder bag with silver hardware and 2 straps in the front. It looked too trendy for Chanel. The sales guy thought so too. I loved the color though.
  9. ^^maybe the new cabas (not lambskin but o/w matches the description). Very hot right now!!
    Welcome to the forum!! And congrats on your new beauties!!!
  10. ohhh, congrats on your first chanel. the lambskin flap looks great on you!
  11. Yum! Congrats!!!
  12. It's beautiful, congrats! =)
  13. congrats! gorgeous!!
  14. I absolutely love it!!! You have a great taste.. congratulations!! :yes:
  15. Beautiful!!! Looks so nice on you! Congrats on your first Chanel!!! (definately won't be your last, I'm sure!)