my first chanel bag


Sep 24, 2006
hi, i think it's called besace? it's a black leather kind of fold-over with chain strap with leather, silver accents, kind of hobo-like...sorry, i'm new to this chanel stuff. i bought it at saks today after seeing it last week while vacationing in san diego. it's perfectly casual and big enough for all of my stuff(have 2 in diapers). but here's the "good" part: i bought my 18 yr old daughter cc earrings with rhinestones in march while visiting friends in michigan. she loved 'em, took great care of 'em, but two times now the rhinestones(maybe 3 at a time) had fallen out. this second time, the repair time has been about 9 weeks. so today at saks, i asked to talk to a mgr. and we received a $200 credit on my saks card which i applied to my *sigh* heavenly first chanel bag. darn it , though, tonite, my daughter told me there was a small table in the chanel boutique area with wallets,clutches on sale, so now it's back to saks on sunday to see if i can find a black one...the mgr. told me that chanel allowed someone else to lease/buy the licensing on the jewelry and although it's still hand-set and "very well made", CHANEL does not have quality control like it does over their leather goods. my daughter and i have chanel sunglasses and no problems, but we won't be buying any of the high-end costume jewelry again. just wanted to share my story. thanks for reading....


Sep 16, 2006
Congrats on the new bag. I think I know the one you are talking about and it's beautiful - post a pic please!