My first Chanel bag!!!

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  1. Finally... after rude and unhelpful SA's two weeks ago, my crazy mother-in-law coming into town and telling me that since I'm a working mother (professional, even), I'm an inadequate mother with a child that "does not look healthy" :cursing: I promptly escaped the Cleveland burbs one day after her arrival for a Columbus conference and stopped by the Chanel boutique.

    I left there... with the black large classic flap bag with two straps of silver hardware!!!!

    I don't have a camera here in my hotel room and I am stranded here for 10 days. I can take it on my cell phone but I don't know how to "send it" to the computer.

    But it is gorgeous. I just hang it by the hotel tv and just stare at it.

    I will post pics ASAP!
  2. Congrats on your new bag. Take pictures when you can!!!!

    P.S. If your phone is like mine, you should have a send option if you pull up the picture. Just send it to your email account and download from there.
  3. i can just visualize
  4. wow i am really craving for a jumbo now!
  5. oh congratulations!! cant wait to see pictures!
  6. Beautiful choice! Congrats!!!
  7. Congrats! A little retail therapy is just what we need sometimes, yes!?
  8. Congrats! Shopping always makes you feel better! :yes:
  9. Okay, I just don't know how to send it on my Motorola Razr/VWireless phone. I took the pics, tried to send it but I could only send it to phone numbers. Argh... I'll probably just have to wait. It is such a beautiful bag!!!

    :yahoo: :smile: :yahoo: :smile: :yahoo:

    Thanks to everyone for your support. I'm really not an angry or bitter person, just a tired, working new mommy who really is tired of other people's poopoo (other than my son's).

    I didn't even know what a Chanel bag was until PF a couple of months ago. Had I known earlier this year, I could have scored at 3- 4 new bags for myself instead of giving the $$$ to my mother-in-law. Hahahaha.

    Maybe I'll be blessed for that, but THIS CHANEL BABY IS MINE

    :wlae: :wlae: :wlae:
  10. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I just bought the same but with gold h/w last week and I am in LOVE with it! Enjoy!!!!!!!!
  11. Congrats on the new Chanel!!
    I know thaty ou are going to love ittt
  12. congrats, love to see the pics
  13. congrats!!! shopping for bags esp. CHANEL always makes a girl feel 100% better! can't wait to see pics!!!
  14. Congrats! You deserve it!
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