My first Chanel bag!


Oct 1, 2007
Southern California
Ahh I'm so excited and in love! :heart::heart: I am technically 'sharing' :angel: with my mom as I can't really afford a $2000+ bag on my own! I'm guessing it's a jumbo based on the price ($2650). We initially wanted a black classic flap with silver hardware, but Neiman Marcus in Fashion Island only had the gold hardware. The SA (who was very sweet and helpful, wish I remembered her name!) brought this one out to see if we were interested in it and my mom loved the color a lot.

After looking through some threads, the brown seems awfully dark - not sure if it's natural variation or if it has to do with each season (or maybe just lighting!)... anyway I'm not complaining as I think it's very pretty.

I think I'm already becoming a bit crazy and I want another chanel bag. :nuts: Maybe a tiny black one! We'll have to see how good Santa is to me this year - lol.

Also sorry about the obnoxious watermark but I've had issues before with people using my photos on ebay!



New Member
Sep 7, 2008
Gorgeous! I was actually thinking about getting the classic flap with gold hardware... :smile: I guess my mom & I will be heading to Fashion Island's NM soon! (It's a lot closer to our house than South Coast, luckily). Congrats on your lovely bag!! :smile: