My first Chanel bag, yes it's gonna happen this year!

  1. Hi ladies :smile:

    2007 will be the year I'm gonna buy my first Chanel bag. :yahoo:
    I'm a handbag type of girl, not really fund of shoulderbags.

    Can you please give me some advice and tell me which one you think would be appropriated for me?
    I prefer a medium size. Black and light brown are the colours I like.

    And maybe you can add some pictures for me?

  2. What about a classic flap or timeless clutch in black caviar?
  3. Go check the reference library for LOADS of pics of bags according to category. The visual aids will help you out there.
  4. Thanks! I will take a look in the reference library.

    The timeless clutch in black caviar sounds very interesting to me.
    Maybe you could whisper the price indication to me? :sweatdrop:
  5. the timeless clutch is about 895$; hmm, i really like the luxe ligne-- they have some really cute bowlers coming out this spring in a distressed patent leather i believe...a bit pricey though...looking in the 2300 range i believe?
  6. Thanks for your quick answer!
    Maybe a dumb question, but how do you guys keep up to date about the new collections coming out?
  7. Oh yes, we pride ourselves on knowing what is coming out before it gets to the boutiques/stores--LOL
    My S/A tells me he gets more info on the lignes from me than from CHANEL:roflmfao:
    I tell him it is because of tPF-- he knows about tPF.
    If you like brown, the chocolate Square Vintage tote is nice. I like brown as well but haven't heard much buzz or seen many pics on the forum with brown bags. Like the earlier post says the Reference Library will be a great place to look.
  8. Beauty I forgot to mention Tammy just posted a great pic of her new Chocolate Vintage Square tote. Take a look at her thread.
  9. Thanks Penny!
    I saw Tammy's bag and it's great. Don't know if the chocolate is the color I like. I think I prefer beige or black for my first one, but maybe for my second one...... :biggrin:
  10. I have seen some beautiful beige classic flaps. One was posted a couple days ago that is very small. It is adorable. If you want a larger bag then the med or jumbo classic flap is gorgeous!! The beige colors I have looked at are very pretty. And black in any of the Chanel handbags is always a good choice. There are some very classy black bags right now. Did I overlook in your post where you mentioned which style and size of bag you are looking for?
  11. As I go back and read your first post again - duh- yes, you said you are not a shoulder bag girl. So yes the timeless clutch is a great bag. I have one in black patent, but it does not seem practical for everyday use. If you could find it is the baby Cabas too large a bag for you? I really like my Diamond Stitch Tote in white, it also comes in black.
  12. You're a sweetheart Penny to try to help me out :love:
    Over the last couple of days I've seen a lot of beautiful bags here and I must say that some of the shoulder bags are to die for!

    I'm looking for a everyday use bag, so maybe the clutch isn't the right one for me. I think I like the baby Cabas, did you post a picture somewhere? I've seen so much pictures on the forum, it dazzles me!

    I know I like some of the bowling bags I saw here, but I'm not sure if that's okay for everyday use?
  13. Penny, I love your collection, they're beautiful!
    And the Outdoor Ligne Long Wallet.......yummie, I want it!
    But I think the Cabas is too large for myself.

    I shall take a picture tomorrow of my current handbag, so you can get an idea of the size I prefer.
  14. I have this Lady Braid Satchel which is a hand held, medium size bag -
    I absolutely LOVE it and get tons of compliments ... people definitely take a second look :p