My first Chanel bag unboxing

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  1. Just received my first Chanel HG bag and I'm over the moon ... Anyone up for my reveal ?
  2. I'm always up for a reveal! Especially a hg!! ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨
  3. Yes!
  4. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1458526363.543104.jpg here is first preview
  5. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1458526394.644828.jpg a little teaser... Any guess?
  6. Oooh!! Iridescent purple boy??
  7. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1458529753.075100.jpg introducing my lover my chanel first boy.... I can't take my eyes this beauty ... I'm so in love.thanks for letting me share.
  8. Congratulations!!! A beautiful boy it is! Is it a shade of navy blue or purple? Either way, it's lovely!!!

  9. Thanks everydazzler. I guess it looks purple in the picture but it's actually dark navy.
  10. Is it smth new? I haven't seen this bag yet! Really beautiful
  11. Lovely boy!! Congrats!!!
  12. It's beautiful! The lighting does make it look purple. Navy is a gorgeous color and the trim gives it dimension, congrats!
  13. thanks .. I think navy is a versatile color that will go well with many outfits. This is the biggest investment I ever spent on a handbag. I'm off to ban island right now lol.

    I don't think this is smth new. It's from last season.
    Thanks a lot :smile: I still can't believe I have this boy now.

  14. How did you know it was a boy ?
  15. Congratulation to your first Boy!!! It's pretty, and i have not seen this style and color before!!!