My first Chanel bag, the "petit shopper"

  1. I need more information. I went to Chanel and saw the perfect bag. I was told that it was called the "doctors' bag"; yet, when I looked at the price tag, it read "petit shopper". Anyone know which bag I am talking about or have the bags' actual name? Also, does anyone have any pictures of this bag?

    Appreciate your help!
  2. does it have a zipped top or open top?
  3. ^ that's what I was going to ask. . . unfortunately Chanel isn't real descriptive on their tags/items.

    Also, was it a shoulder bag or have short handles to carry by hand only?
  4. Well, to be more specific, the bag is a zip top with side or corner pockets; also, it is a shoulder bag.

    Thanks for all your help.
  5. It kind of sounds like the smaller version of the grand shopper..was it caviar (pebbled) leather?
    You might want to check the "Misc. Classic Chanel pieces" thread in the references area because there's a picture of the petite shopper in there.
  6. Hmmm.... I noticed that "petit shopper" is on A LOT of tags, LOL!

    color? quilted? shoulder bag?

    more description would be great!
  7. the corner pockets thing is throwing me off, also the zip top. A Petit Shopper in the smaller version of the common Grand Shopping Tote isn't a zip-close bag.