my first chanel bag !!!! soo excited

Mar 19, 2007
hello ladies .. as my screen name says i love LV and Chanel. as a littlle girl i remember seeing my 1st chanel at the mall .. i asked my mom what that bag was and she told me... too expensive , nevermind . she said the same thing when i saw my first LV. anyways since i was 3 i loved bags! i used to save all my $ and head over to Canadian's . lol my favorite store back then and buy myself a nice bag. well things haven't changed. i own many LV's but never a chanel bag. i have been eyeing the vintage jumbo XL for yrs.. finally got the courage to buy one ,, got it on ebay from a fantastic seller!! love it .. i litereally am in love :heart: and heard angels sing when I finally draped it over my shoulders .. !! i feel like this is the best bag i can ever carry . great with jeans and skirt even for evening !! love it .

quick question on the strap length. it hits me on my hips. you think its ok to tie the staps from the inside so that the strap is shorter and it"ll hit me at my waist .. i dont want to damge the gold chain ?

see pics below ... :tup::nuts::wlae::heart::heart::heart:



Dec 28, 2006
It is beautiful. Iti s one of my favorite Chanel bags. It just has such a distinct look. You can tie the straps inside with something. I know several tPF'ers have posted that they have done it.