My first Chanel bag. Quick reveal

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  1. This was $4600 but I bought it at saks and I opened a saks credit card and got 10% off which is why I jumped on it

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  2. Thank You so much for responding. Will this apply if I open a SAKS card in NYC? I would love to at least save on the taxes. Are there any restrictions on which bag you can get? lol
  3. I assume any Saks it works. My SA just said if opened a credit card then I got the 10% off and since this bag would not be re ordered since it is part of the cruise collection, I didn't want to wait.

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  4. I love this bag! Chanel really is amazing...
  5. Congrats on your new tote!
  6. Congrats on your first Chanel bag!
    I just loveee this tote! It looks so casual and elegant at the same time!
  7. It's gorgeous. congrats! :loveeyes:
  8. It's beautiful. Is this a classic and would you mind sharing how much you paid?
  9. beautiful and elegant. congrats!