My First chanel bag for my 21st birthday!

Jun 3, 2006
Hello all,

I am not a frequent visitor to the chanel subforum simply because I do not have a bag to showcase myself! I do have two Chanel wallets though so I am no stranger! But most of my collection consists of Coach and I am active the most in that subforum

But I am happy to present my first bag courtesy of my boyfriend! It was a gift for my 21st birthday yesterday. and this comes from a guy who completely loathes handbags!!! i have trained him well :noggin:

Here she is...




And the rest of my birthday/anniversary presents


can anyone help me with the complete name of this handbag...I know it's from the executive collection and is the medium classic flap in lambskin? he got this from NM (along with a credit card there ;)...looks like more chanel in the future!) chanel naivete shines through...i hope that changes though...this will give a great kick to my chanel collecting! thanks for looking!


Oct 13, 2007
That is the way to go - train the BF early - looks like you are doing a great job!!!!
Congratulations and Happy 21st - the flap looks fantastic on you.
Like schol mentioned, it is called the executive two tone flap (something like that) :smile: