My First Chanel Bag....FINALLY!

  1. Well, people....I finally got a Chanel to add to my collection! I wanted a bag from Chanel for the longest time, but just couldn't seem to find the right bag for me :huh:?! Anyway, here it is :love: my new beautiful baby! By the way, that's my little assistant (my 4 yr. old, son) holding the bag open.
    Chanel Caviar Leather Bagette Tote, Large - 1250.JPG DSCN0957.JPG DSCN0960.JPG DSCN0961.JPG DSCN0964.JPG
  2. Congrats!!! Beautiful, love that style :biggrin:
  3. :love::love::love: Wow! That's a gorgeous bag - glad you found one that you love!
  4. Congrats!!! It's lovely.
  5. lovely
  6. Thanks all for your positive input...:love:
  7. Great collection for mommy with 4 yrs old son.
    Cavier skin definately function.
  8. congrats!
  9. Congrats! I have never heard anyone being steered wrongly by Chanel.
  10. Lovely bag! The shape is wonderful! Good choice! Enjoy!
  11. It's a beauty! Congrats!
  12. Beautiful bag ... perfect choice for your first Chanel bag!
  13. Very nice! I can't wait to post a thread like this one day too!
  14. Oh its sooo pretty. You must be sooo thrilled. I am happy for you. I got my first Chanel tonight from Loren. Well I paid for my first Chanel tonight. Loren is sending on Monday! I cant wait. I will post pictures too.....but I dont think I will be letting my four year old touch it! HA HA
  15. Nice piece to start your Chanel collection, congrats!