my first chanel luxury lineee

  1. so i have recently fell in love with the chanel luxury line and want to buy one for my first chanel purchases but im so confussed. I really like the medium metallic black bowler..the flap bag and the tote but i can only get one so which one??

    keep in mind Im only 20 and will use this bag more for casual use...which bag would be best??
  2. I love all three of them so can't be of much use other than to say that they are all great. I tried them all on and they all hang well on the shoulder. The flap bag , in addition, I think can also be used as a messenger (but I'm not sure). If you live near a store try them on and also look at the sizes to determine which will suit your lifestyle the best.
  3. It depends on your needs.

    The med bowler doesn't fit really well/comfortably on the shoulder but is a really great style and a nice size bag.
    The flap fits perfectly on the shoulder, it's very comfortable but is a little smaller inside.
    ^It definitely cannot be used as a messenger, the shoulder chain is way too short for that, I'll attach a photo:
  4. I have the bowler and the shopper in this line and love them so much. I would get the bowler... I love the fact that it zips and it definitely holds enough. It fits fine on my shoulder and can be great as a hand held bag as well. I love the flap too.... it just wasn't for me (not enough room)
  5. Guys,
    Is there a shopper on the new bronze color? I just hate the fact that nothing is open here on Sunday? I don't want to wonder about this until morning. If anyone knows , give me a shot!!!!!!!!
  6. I vote for the bowler. The bowler seems to work for both casual and formal wear and I just lovee the shape!
  7. I love the look of the bowler
  8. i would say bowler, but now im kind of turned off from it.. i dont know why. i would go with the flap. it could look really funky if you play it right.
  9. :yes: