My first Chanel bag!!--black valentine flap

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  1. !!!!! So the guy I'm dating and I were on our way back from the doctor's office and decided to stop by the Rodeo Chanel store to see if they had the valentine flap in, as we havent received any calls. To my luck, they had JUST received one patent red flap (which was sold already) and one black one! They didn't even have a chance to call the first person on the waitlist!!!! :yahoo:I'm beyond ecstatic...Here it is, a gift from my SO.. my first Chanel!!!!!!! (sorry for the bad quality, it's a webcam picture.. I'm in a rush to go to class LOL)

  2.'s beautiful
  3. Very beautiful bag! Congratulations~
  4. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!! Congrats letsgo
  5. very nice! congrats!
  6. It's beautiful! Congratulations. This must be an extra special valentine's day and chanel bag for you!
  7. congrats a beautiful choice!!!
  8. Lucky girl! its so nice! i've only seen the mini ones...
  9. Woweee its so beautiful!!!:yahoo:

    I'm waiting on exactly the same one.. I'm SO impatient for it to arrive now!! Mine is a gift from my DF :biggrin:

    :heart:Happy Valentines!:heart:
  10. It's beautiful! I love the charms on the valentine's flap... it's such a perfect size too. Congratulations!!!
  11. So jealous, that baby is stunning! Congrats and enjoy!
  12. Thank you everyone for the compliments!!!! I'm very happy! :biggrin: He's taking me to Paris next week to celebrate Valentine's Day, too! Does anyone know if Paris has other colors that the US will not receive? (I'm actually also interested in the navy patent but have yet to see it..)
  13. It's stunning. Congrats.
  14. I love it! I love the hearts on it! Congratulations on your great purchase!!!
  15. Lucky!! You must have a rich bf. Are you guys students too? Me and my bf are too, but he's too broke to afford Chanel. We're in our early 20s. Anyways I love the flap!