My first chanel bag and in doubt.

  1. Hi everyone! This my first post here. I used to be at the prada/miu miu forum but recently I fell in love with chanel and have been here ever since. I just bought the jumbo classic flap in lambskin and in doubt. :s Although I prefer it in lambskin, I realized most tpfers own the bag in caviar. Do you guys think I should change it to a caviar one? Hope you guys can give me some of your opinions. Thanks a bunch!
  2. If your not completely happy with the bag, I would return it for the caviar. I love the lambskin flap, and the only downside is you have to be more careful handling it. If your heart is on the lambskin, I would keep it, and just baby it a little more.
  3. I adore the lambskin!! I own a couple bags in lambskin and I noticed I don't take it out as often as I take out my caviar bags. Since the Jumbo is usually a day bag, I would have chosen caviar over lambskin. But if your heart is set on lambskin definitely keep it!!! Just make sure you take care of it a little more...
  4. i love lambskin. i only own one lambskin, you definitely need to be more careful with it~
  5. I have a lambskin flap in medium and just bought a jumbo! I love lambskin - it is just so luxe! I find that it's really not that hard to take care of, either. Go for whichever one you like best!

  6. If you prefer it in lambskin, by all means keep it! It's all about what makes you happy! :heart:
  7. I love the look of lambskin, but for my bank account also need to consider durability - so for me caviar works better.

    Kind of depend on what you plans for using it are too. If its not going to be used a lot I would keep it.
  8. i totally agree with lady chinadoll's statement.

    i love the look of lambskin, but adore the durability of caviar! =)
  9. I am the same way as you, and I have the caviar and I haven't regretted it. Instead I think I'll get smaller pieces in lambskin that I won't carry around everyday.
  10. I love the lambskin ... it's so soft and beautiful, BUT you do need to be more careful with it. The caviar would probably be a better everyday choice, but it's really up to you and how careful you want to be with your bags.
  11. Hi there! Welcome to the addictive world of Chanel....
    It shouldn't be about what we are carrying, you should stick with what you love. I love lambskin and yes, I agree caviar is more durable but there's just something about lambskin that draws me to it....
  12. Since you've asked, Caviar is a better choice for daily use. You won't have to worry about getting caught in the rain, either. I bought the medium in lambskin sixteen years ago, and it still looks fantastic. That's because it was never carried in bad weather and is always stuffed (to keep its shape) and stored it in its sleeper when not being carried.
  13. If you love it, keep it and just care for it well. As others have entiond, the benefit of caviar is durability, but I, personally, like lambskin better.
  14. I love lambskin!
    But I own caviar.
    When I was in Chanel I spent a good 20 minutes just deciding which of the two I wanted. The lambskin is amazing but it's not fitting for my lifestyle.
    I'm clumsy and messy and it would just get ruined. I've already dropped food, been in the pouring rain with my caviar and it's been fine. If it was the lambskin.... oh dear.
  15. Just because everybody else has caviar does not mean that you should have one too! At the end of the day, it's you who are going to carry the bag and you should carry the bag that you like!

    As others have already mentioned, it takes some extra care when it comes to Chanel lambskin but it's a beautiful bag!!

    Why don't you think about it for a few days, esp. about when you are most likely to use the bag and generally if you are a careful person when it comes to carrying your bag then you decide if you should get a caviar instead.

    I have a lambskin flap and I am so worried each time I use it. But blimey, that bag is GORGEOUS!!! :nuts: